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SS Group INDIA, Faridabad based fastest growing professional managed company was founded with a vision to create a fully committed company offering one point solution for wood working industry with best of the services. Established in year 2011, In a very short span we’ve earned a reputation as a solution provider for commercial, institutional, and industrial paint supplying with an extensive range of capabilities, qualified experience, specialized training and equipment, and a superior work force. SS Group INDIA is dedicated to preserving the life of your physical assets with high quality paints and durable, long-lasting industrial and commercial surface coatings.

With an ever-increasing demand of industrial, commercial, institutional, and government contractor projects, our operation continues to expand into new areas of maintenance and new- innovative projects.

However the project size and scope, the SS Group Motto remains the same:

“Understand the requirement of our customers and give them exactly what is best for their need.”

The Company is a group of two main companies SS coating and SS wood culture working with different verticals under one roof under able guidance of the experts from wood working Industry.

SS Coating is the Exclusive distribution-partner for North India operation for one of the rapid growing companies in India Teknovace Group.



Teknovace Group has been established with one vision- to give complete solution of Paints & Coatings. Group has three companies operating independently in the area of Wood Coatings, Architectural Coatings and Industrial Coating to ensure that we are 100% focussed to each specific segment. Teknovace Wood Coatings Pvt. Ltd. is engaged into development, manufacturing and marketing of products dedicated to Wood & Glass. Teknovace Paints Pvt. Ltd. is exclusively into development, manufacturing & marketing of high end decorative Paints. Teknovace Coatings is into the area of Industrial & Automotive Coatings.

To have professional delivery system and uninterrupted supply chain, company has established its warehouses and Technical Support centre in most of major cities across country. We also offer specially designed Primer/ Sealer for Robotic lines which in spite of having high solid content posses very low viscosity enabling easy and continuous applicability for robotic spray guns.

Please click to reach to our team leaders:  http://www.teknovace.com/company/leadership

Please click to reach us:  http://www.teknovace.com


SS wood culture is not only exclusive partner for very reputed International and national brands for north Indian operations as well as MSME registered manufacturing company for the various products like PVAC Adhesives, Polishing compounds with registered trade mark BESCHERMER®.

Imos 3D software



Imos AG is a leading software producer for furniture and interior design. The software combines machine, materials and fittings to a continuous flow of data from the internet-based room planning, order entry over construction and calculation up to the controlling of the CNC machines.

imos simplifies the processes in the planning and the production of furniture and interior design. imos software applications convince with regard to simplicity, efficiency and innovation with a high quality standard "Made-in-Germany". imos solutions are based on an innovative technological approach allowing all possibilities for designing furniture and modifications in every step of the process, but ensures an internal manufacturing standard. Together with customers, leading manufacturers of fittings and woodworking machines, imos constantly verifies the requirements of the industry and accordingly adjusts the software solutions. Consequently, imos has become one of the leading providers of the furniture sector and the software to a market oriented product with worldwide acceptance.

The software is available in 27 languages and in use at more than 4,000 companies including leading international kitchen and furniture manufacturers

Planatol- wetzel



Planatol GmbH based in Rohrdorf, Germany. Planatol GmbH, through its group companies offers high quality adhesives for applications in the Wood Working, Printing and book binding industry, Automobile and Aircraft industry, Construction, Textile and beyond. Adhesive applications are becoming increasingly diverse and are gaining even greater acceptance in state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Planatol adhesives are increasingly being used for high quality structural bonding. Planatol is your expert for everything revolving around industrial adhesives and a dedicated service provider. Your individual wishes and requirements are always at the forefront of our work. Planatol offer proven solutions as well as customized special applications and make gluing and application processes quicker, more practical and comfortable.




Sames Kremlin Pvt Ltd based in Pune is a 100% subsidiary of Sames Kremlin, France group having its existence for last 90 years. The group consists of 16 Subsidiaries & 650 Distributors all over the world with specialization in Spray Painting Equipments, our product ranges from Air Spray Gun to Automatic Applicators, which caters to various segments of market.

Sames-Kremlin designs, manufacturers and markets reliable, high performance spraying systems and fluid handling equipment that implements advanced technology to provide significant gains in productivity while protecting the environment.

Our Range of Equipment's

  1. HVLP Spray Guns – Manual and Automatic versions
  2. AIRMIX Spray System with Airmix Flowmax bellow pumps - Manual & Automatic versions
  3. Electrostatic Spray Painting Equipment's - Manual & Automatic
  4. Airless Spray Guns and Pumps (with Roller and accessories) – Air operated
  5. Paint Transfer & Circulation Pumps – Air operated
  6. Equipment's for Dispensing High Viscosity Materials – Adhesives, Grease, Glues, Silicon, Inks, etc
  7. Two Component Metering and mixing systems for Polyurethane and Epoxy paints - CYCLOMIX
  8. SAMES Electrostatic Spray Painting Equipment's - Manual & Automatic
  9. SAMES BELLS for Liquid & Powder Spray.


Biesse Group


Biesse Group is the global leader in the technologies for processing Wood, Glass, Stone and Advanced Materials. Founded in 1969 in Italy, Biesse Group today operates globally in 120+ countries through its subsidiaries and dealer’s network with more than 4500 direct employees.


  1. Biesse operates throughout Italy, coordinated by its head office in Pesaro, in synergy with branches in Triveneto and Brianza.
  2. Biesse's headquarters are in Pesaro, where the company was founded. The Triveneto and Brianza districts are covered by the Codognè and Seregno operational offices, with our sales teams and technicians always in the field, to respond effectively to every need of partners and customers.

Biesse in India


The factory of the future, where the creative mind of man and the machinery technology come together. Take our passion, skills and technology and turn them into your competitive advantage.


Biesse’s Bangalore unit which comprises of plants at Nelamangala and Nagaruru make up a sprawling space of 35,000 square meters equipped with the most advanced, machinery and manpower to design and manufacture the cutting-edge technology in Wood and Advanced Material processing.

Biesse's key distinctive technology solutions include:

  1. 5-axis operating unit with HSD electrospindle that supports the processing of components with complex geometries
  2. Air Force System, the panel edgebanding device that guarantees an unparalleled finish quality
  3. Twin Pusher, a patent exclusive to all Biesse beamsaws that enables optimal management of manufacturing peaks
  4. the bSuite software package, that enables operators without specific IT skills to get the best from the Group's machines
  5. SOPHIA, the Biesse IoT platform which enables customers to access an extensive range of services to streamline and rationalize their work management processes.




Beschermer Products are specially designed products for our wood working industry:

BESCHERMER Glue range: aqueous polyvinyl acetate dispersion with cross linking properties and a lowered minimum film forming temperature. The special features are an excellent water resistance, high bond strength and heat resistance and a good setting time. The film is slightly opaque and tack-free, no discoloration on oak.

Application Areas

Water resistant wood glues

  1. Suitable to coating on MDF Boards, Particle boards, Plywood boards
  2. Bonding of laminate boards
  3. Bonding of windows and doors
  4. Bonding in high frequency fields

Product code SSW/D32021 is successfully used as a mono-component vinyl acetate adhesive. It has a medium viscosity and reactive groups. The dispersion exhibits a rapid increase in bond strength when being pressed at temperatures of approx. 20°C as well as higher temperatures between 50 and 100°C.

Product code SSW/D3D42021 is successfully used as a mono-component vinyl acetate adhesive as well as the 2K product with hardener. It has a specially designed viscosity level and reactive group. The dispersion exhibits a rapid increase in bond strength especially in case of Glulam (stress-rated engineered wood beam composed of wood laminations) widely using in making wooden houses.

BESCHERMER High Quality Polishing Compounds

BESCHERMER SHIELD FOR TIMELINE is the line of abrasive pastes, polishes and accessories for the treatment of lacquered surfaces converting it to a high-quality finish product.


These are very High-Performance Compounds to finish with unique High Cutting & Finishing capabilities just in few steps. Its unique formulation makes these compounds Professional performance compound ideal for PU Paints for wooden panels, Car refinishing, Protective coatings in wooden and metal products

Step 2: FEEL ME
High Gloss: PRO-TECKTA


Associate Partner SETS

Along with being a comprehensive resource for professional air handing systems, we at SS Wood Culture are experts at paint booth solutions with abundant experience applying professional paint and protective coatings since 2011. We have been associated with the highly proven track record companies and highly decorated experts from industry have made us throughout knowledge of the subject. With our many years of experience, the veteran team at SS Wood Culture has the up-to-date knowledge and real-world exposure necessary to build the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Key distinctive technology solutions include:

  1. Automatic Spraying machine
  2. Dry type paint booths
  3. Water curtain type paint booths
  4. Pressurized paint booth both dry and water curtain type
  5. Centralized dust collection systems with reverse pulse jet.
  6. Individual dust collection system with both reverse pulse jet as well as auto shaking system